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Nebulux Music School was opened in June of 2016 by Jessica Drake Mosher. Envisioning a proper music education facility between Charlotte and Winston, this historic property was the perfect fit to flip! She and her husband worked board by board, never losing sight of the end goal. The brand of Nebulux is constantly demonstrating to our youth that anything is possible with determination, hard work and creativity. Read our full bios below.

"Jessica is amazing, talented and so good with my child. My daughter has made amazing progress on the piano and is excited for her lesson each week."                                                             - S. Davis
"If you want to learn how to play an instrument, this is the place! Both of my children take lessons here and are always excited to go, and more importantly, they  progress every time they go"

                                                             - R. Wilson

"I love music. It is fun. My teacher is Miss Katie! She is fun. I love her so much. My school is Nebulux Music School. I LOVE being able to come here."
                                   -Whitney, age 7
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